Although not a cutting or size reduction machine company, Commercial Manufacturing has assisted our customers with their needs for simple trimming devices. Examples would be cutting the tops off of carrots or celery or the crowns off of pineapples.
  • The trimming devices all have three common elements: belt conveyors, cutting heads, and guarding with electronic sensors
  • Belt profiles can range from simple, flat designs or 3D designs that hold product in place for the cutting operation
  • Belting materials include choices like PVC, Nitrile, modular plastic, homogeneous plastic, and even stainless steel
  • A guide rail is used to position product in a known location for the cutting operation
  • The cutting head is comprised of single or multiple blades and has a fast braking feature should the perimeter guarding be violated
  • For cleaning purposes guarding is removable but equipped with electronic sensors requiring it to be in place during operation
  • Stainless steel gearboxes and motors or drum motors are available on most belt designs
  • For certain product that is already trimmed and only needs to be segmented, a roller bed conveyor with (multiple) cutting heads might be used