Commercial Manufacturing

Commercial Manufacturing has undergone many changes over the years. Started in 1938 as a fabricator of processing equipment for the California raisin industry, the company has grown and diversified to where it now serves thousands of customers worldwide in the frozen, canned, fresh, and dehydrated food markets and tree nut industry.


More than anything else the company’s unwavering commitment to product quality and service account for this success. The strongest testimony to this fact is the tremendous repeat business we do with customers who have many other alternatives. We work hard to deserve this trust by building functional, reliable equipment and supporting it with the best service we know how to provide.

Custom-built equipment is a hallmark of Commercial Manufacturing. Nearly all Commercial equipment can be ordered with the features and dimensions needed for your plant layout and product application. From time to time we have collaborated with our customers to develop new processing methods and prototype equipment.

Perfect Size

We are small enough to be thankful for your business and large enough to have the resources to take care of it. We have the applications experience, engineering talent, and manufacturing skills to deliver complete solutions. Nonetheless, we also go outside our own organization to include superior components when they exist in our effort to deliver the best overall solutions for our clients.


Contact Us

Let us know how we can be of service to you. We invite your questions and comments about our products or this site. Email or call us at 559-237-1855 M-F 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific.