We are committed to delivering the results you expect.

In order to meet this goal we must remain technologically competent while maintaining a deep understanding of the food industry, its requirements and challenges. Toward this end we use up-to-date computer design tools, while keeping abreast of new technology in manufacturing and component parts. On-going dialog with customers and in-plant observations guide us in knowing how and when to apply design concepts to meet our customers’ goals and achieve the results they expect. In today’s food processing arena one of the most often spoken of goals is to provide a verifiable clean in the shortest possible time.


We want to earn and maintain a position as a trusted resource in supplying equipment to clients in the food industry that help them to meet their challenges in production efficiency, worker safety, product quality, and food safety.  We will do this by keeping our skills in equipment design and manufacture current while staying abreast of the factors that impact the food industry.


Our primary mission is to be responsive to the demands of the food processing industry in providing them with customized equipment that meets their functional requirements, capacity plans, operating space, and working environment.  By being efficient in our methods we will meet these objectives for our clients at competitive prices, while earning a profit for ourselves and funding R&D efforts for future products.


It is not our intention to become a source of one-stop shopping, where clients can buy every machine needed to produce a finished product.  We will instead focus on our core areas, informing our clients where we bring the greatest value to their overall solution, and recommending the best suppliers we know of for other components.  The distributors and agents who sell much of our product are also well informed of other suppliers who can complete a processing line or add packaging capability.