The more evenly processing equipment is fed, the better it performs. Vibratory conveyors have a natural "metering" effect on product flow and therefore are a highly attractive means to feed high dollar investments like optical sorters, freeze tunnels, blanchers, and dehydrators, etc. Besides delivering a consistent flow to the downstream equipment, it is sometimes necessary to orient the product as well, and Commercial has designs to do just that.
  • Any of our conveyor family can be used as a feed device including Vibra-Glide natural frequency conveyors, Ajax shakers, and eccentric-powered conveyors
  • Vibra-Glides are preferred on packaging decks because of their isolated frames
  • Eccentric-powered conveyors are useful when the system design requires the ability to stop and start under load
  • The direction from which the incoming product is received and the outgoing product is discharged determines the type of frame required
  • Sometimes it is necessary to add corrugations to a conveying pan to establish or maintain a particular product orientation
  • Product discharges can be straight over the end, or on the bias, or even through a circular opening when needed