Commercial Manufacturing builds many types of washers including flood washers, brush washers, belt washers, and vibratory washers. Two factors that strongly influence the decision on the type of washer are the volume of product to be washed and whether the product floats or sinks. Within those parameters it is desirable to provide product soak time and agitation as means to obtain the cleanest possible result.
  • Regardless of the type of washer selected, a good front end can significantly improve the results
  • A good front end removes as much foreign matter as possible while dry before introducing the product to water
  • A water curtain can strip away more debris before the product enters the wash water
  • Various features of the washers can be tailored to remove floating trash or heavy materials like dirt and sand from the wash tank
  • Liquid or gaseous disinfectant is often added to wash water and maintained at an active level by automated monitoring and injection systems
  • Wash water can be recycled by removing macro-sized trash particles with reclaim reels or hydro sieves
  • Final fresh water rinses clean the product of chemicals and also add makeup water to the washing system