The purpose of any spreader conveyor is to assure that the machine down stream from it works at optimal performance. Spreading product onto another machine can be done at right angles or in-line. When done at right angles the pan uses a bias-cut discharge. For right angle feeds a cantilevered frame or overhead frame configuration is used. By comparison in-line spreaders typically use traditional pan-above-the-frame layouts with straight-cut discharges and a shaped crown in the bed to initiate the spreading action.
  • Any of our conveyor family can be used as spreader, but the Vibra-Glide is currently the most popular design for this purpose (see photo at left)
  • For right-angle spreaders the aspect ratio of bias-cut length to pan width is an important consideration taken into consideration by our engineers
  • Using a cantilevered frame for right-angle spreaders makes dewatering or fines removal screens more accessible for cleaning; and it reduces product drop
  • Right-angle spreader conveyors are frequently used to feed freeze tunnels, dehydrators, or optical sorters
  • In-line spreaders are great for picking up a narrow stream of product, such as from a rotary device, bucket elevator, or inclined belt, and spreading and metering it for the next machine down stream