Mechanical size grading, also called grading or sizing, is most often performed on a vibratory conveyor using screens that are appropriate to the product, its size, and its condition. Commercial Manufacturing was one of the early adopters of the "ball deck screen" which is a sandwich construction with rubber balls, using the kinetic energy of the vibrating pan to keep the screen continuously cleaned during operation.
  • Commercial Manufacturing vibratory conveyors are known worldwide for their size grading accuracy
  • Accuracy partly stems from using the drive system that best suits the product in question; and we use three different types: Vibra-Glide, Ajax shaker, and eccentric-powered
  • Accuracy is greatly enhanced by scaling the equipment to the workload
  • Accuracy is further enhanced by choosing the best type of screen
  • Our repertoire of screen types includes perforated holes of various shapes, louvered holes, swaged holes, wire mesh, rods, and bars
  • Most perforated and wire mesh designs can be built as ball deck screens
  • When length grading product it is often first aligned and put into lanes