Scalping is basically a grading operation where good product is separated from trash or product that needs to be reworked or which requires extra processing. Most often it is carried out by vibratory conveyors equipped with a side chute or discharge. However for some types of products scalping can also be done by rotary reels or belts.
  • This function can be performed by any properly equipped Commercial Manufacturing vibratory conveyor
  • A scalping deck can also be added to one of our air cleaners so that two functions can be carried out on the same machine
  • Choice of screen type is critical to success
  • Depending on product one of a variety of different screen types may be used to make the actual separation
  • A key factor in choosing screen type is to avoid creating conditions where trash can get caught in the screen, causing it to blind over
  • Rotary reels have been successfully used for mechanically harvested jalapeno peppers, peas, and leaf spinach because they are basically self-cleaning revolving screens