When most people think of a Commercial Manufacturing pumping system they think of our hydro food pumps where water and product come together to move product around the plant. At its destination the water is removed and recirculated, while the product enters the next stage in the process. For many of our washers Commercial utilizes recirculation pumps to recycle water for spray headers and water jet manifolds.
  • Based on your food product, capacity and plant layout and working with our pump supplier our engineers calculate pipe diameters, pump sizes, and motor horsepower
  • Our hydro food pumps include centrifugal pump, motor, frame, and vortex tank
  • Although pumps have historically been made of cast iron, most varieties are now offered in all stainless steel construction for greater sanitation
  • Once pumped to the destination our dewatering shakers or conveyors, and/or hydro sieves separate the product and water
  • Water can be recycled by removing macro-sized trash particles with reclaim reels or hydro sieves