Material Control
Material control in large plants is often accomplished by tote (or bin) handling systems that receive product from trucks, dump the contents of those totes into the processing lines, and return the empty bins for refill at the source. With automation this process can be done quite fast.
  • Combinations of chain conveyors and powered rollers are typically used to move product and totes from one stage to the next
  • Input accumulation conveyors receive single totes/bins or stacks of up to five bins high
  • Automated tote or bin destacking enables product to be handled at the next stage
  • Pass-through dumpers offer high rates of tote handling and deliver product into the first processing stage
  • Tote or bin washing can be incorporated into the material control sequence or set up as a separate function in another line
  • Automated bin restackers configure bins for transport
  • Output accumulation conveyors offer temporary storage while awaiting pickup by forklifts