In years past all food inspection was done by human beings on long conveyor belts. Today most inspection is done by optical sorting devices with specialized software that is highly accurate and consistent. Nonetheless, human inspection is still finding its place as a final check or backup to those sophisticated systems. Commercial Manufacturing supports both types of operations.
  • Commercial Manufacturing supports optical sorting systems with customized vibratory conveyors to help obtain maximum sorter efficiency
  • Sorter feed conveyors can include dewatering or fines removal capability, and can orient product ahead of the sorter if needed
  • Vibra-Glide’s are often chosen as sorter feed conveyors to isolate delicate sorting electronics from external vibration
  • We support manned sorting operations with vibratory, belt, and roller bed conveyors
  • The manned sorting systems generally include trash removal functions with lanes, chutes, or even flumes
  • Appropriate protection is placed around manned sorting systems to isolate workers from moving parts
  • Each type of manned sorting system has an advantage: shakers spread out product, belts are gentle on the product, and roller beds expose all product surfaces for visual inspection
  • It is desirable to limit product speed on inspection applications to about 35 fpm to avoid the sensations of vertigo