Finish Quality
Finish quality is not the same as weld specification. Commercial Manufacturing offers several weld specifications ranging from skip welds, to continuous welds, and to continuous welds that are ground, smoothed, and polished in the product contact area. Finish quality has to do with appearance of the welds on stainless steel products and sometimes the surrounding sheet metal as well. Welding burns away the protective layer of oxidation on stainless steel, creating discoloration. Weld finishing removes this surface contamination or discoloration.
Standard Wire-Brush Finish
Standard Wire-Brush Finish
OPTIONAL Passivated Finish
OPTIONAL Passivated Finish

Standard Weld Finish

  • Surface contamination removed by using stainless steel wire brushes
  • Creates shiny spots that contrast with duller 2B finish of surrounding materials
  • Appearance of final product looks mottled due to mix of bright and dull finishes
  • Wire brushing leaves microscopic scratches in the surface, resulting in a higher RA rating
  • This method is not as attractive but is less expensive to produce
  • Meets most companies’ requirements for food safety


OPTIONAL Passivated Weld Finish

  • Surface contamination removed by chemical treatment, or passivation
  • We passivate using cleaning solution and electrical current
  • Makes welded areas look similar to surrounding materials’ 2B finish for uniform appearance
  • Avoids putting scratches in material, thereby maintaining original RA rating
  • Many companies require this method as part of their food safety standards
  • Generally, this extra-cost surface treatment is applied to welded areas only


OPTIONAL Bead-Blasted Finish

  • Surface contamination removed by bead-blasting
  • Impractical to bead-blast welded areas only, so entire machine is bead-blasted
  • Bead-blasting leaves uniform finish but creates microscopic pits in the surface
  • Roughest finish, highest RA rating, of the three choices
  • The cost for bead-blasting falls between that of wire-brushing and passivation