The majority of processors use inclined belts to elevate product when necessary. This solution offers a good combination of cleaning access, worker safety, and efficiency. However, when constrained for floor space bucket elevators can be a viable alternative, and Commercial Manufacturing builds large high capacity bucket elevators in all stainless steel construction.
  • Belt profiles can range from simple, straight inclined to dog-legged with horizontal infeed or discharge, to S-style with horizontal infeed and discharge sections
  • Belting materials are suited to the application and might include choices like PVC, rubber, Nitrile, modular plastic, or homogeneous plastic
  • Side guards might be integral with the belt or stationary
  • Stationary guards can be made as lift-off or flip-down for cleaning access
  • Frame styles can be slider bed, roller bed, or rabbit ear
  • Stainless steel gearboxes and motors or drum motors available on most belt designs
  • High capacity bucket elevators can have stainless steel buckets four-feet wide or more inside stainless steel enclosures with clean-out doors
  • Drive systems for the bucket elevators can be entirely stainless steel including bearings, shafts, sprockets, chain, gearbox and motor