The types of drying equipment produced by Commercial Manufacturing involve blowing surface moisture off the product or exposing the product to a slow moving air stream to incite evaporation. Although we do not manufacture thermal equipment, our machines feed some of the best known brands of dehydrators and continuous ovens.
  • Air knives are highly effective at removing surface moisture from product when located above vibratory conveyors, open-topped belts, or roller bed conveyors with the right properties
  • We generally use plenums with three air blades that each deliver high velocity air across the entire bed of product below
  • When mounted above belts, it is advisable to have at least one cascade in the belt design so that product is reshuffled a bit to expose all sides to the air streams
  • On belt conveyor installations it is also possible to draw air down through the product and ducting it outside the building thereby getting potentially better control over plant humidity
  • A degree of evaporative drying can be achieved on belt conveyors by blowing slow moving air  through a tunnel opposite the direction of travel