Distributing product to multiple machines or lines can be accomplished by means of vibratory or belt conveyors equipped with appropriate lanes, outlets and control devices. Diverting product to a particular outlet can be accomplished manually by locking a device into position or automatically by energizing a pneumatic actuator.
  • The entire family of vibratory conveyors can be adapted to this purpose including Vibra-Glide conveyors, Ajax shakers, and eccentric-powered conveyors
  • Within the vibratory conveyor family double-acting eccentric-powered conveyors offer the greatest length in a single machine, about 70 feet depending on factors
  • Within the the belt conveyor family lengths can be even longer by adding splice joints
  • On vibratory conveyors flip-gates, slide-gates, and side- or bottom/side-outlets with diverters are the most common means of directing product
  • On belt conveyors side-outlets with diverters or pushers are the most common way of directing product
  • Diverters and gates can be operated manually or by pneumatic actuator
  • When necessary to interrupt flow, such as when changing totes, small surge hoppers with shut-off gates can be added immediately down-stream of distribution outlets