After washing or hydro pumping the product it becomes necessary to dewater, that is to separate the water and the product. Commercial Manufacturing offers a variety of equipment to accomplish this task. In the vast majority of circumstances dewatering operations recycle the water to be used again.
  • This function can be carried out by any properly equipped Commercial Manufacturing shaker or Vibra-Glide conveyor
  • The dewatering function can be augmented by using a hydro sieve or air knife
  • Appropriate dewatering screens based on the product component sizes and condition are selected; typically rod screens with small openings
  • Machine and screen dimensions are chosen to process target volume of product while dissipating expected gpm of water
  • Catch tank below screen section can be plumbed into customer’s water recycling system
  • Reclaim reel or hydro sieve can be used to remove macro-sized trash particles from recycled water