Known around the world for conveying expertise Commercial Manufacturing builds vibratory and belt conveyors custom designed to each client's needs and environment. In the vibratory family there are three distinct drive types, and in the belt conveying family there are three major types of materials in use.
  • Vibra-Glide vibratory conveyors – high speed; isolated frames; quiet operation; stainless steel drives available
  • Ajax powered shakers – generally the lowest cost solution; mid-level speed; non-isolated frames; noisier than a Vibra-Glide in operation
  • Eccentric powered conveyors – generally the lowest speed but gentle handling; non-isolated frames but self-cancelling masses; offers largest size potential; noisier than a Vibra-Glide in operation
  • A multitude of variations are available including overhead frame, cantilevered frame, single- to triple-decks; lanes, corrugations, outlets, screens, chutes, gates, etc.
  • Belting materials from low cost PVC to modular plastic and sanitary homogeneous
  • Specialty transports including chain conveyor, rod conveyor, paddle conveyor
  • An array of belt configurations are available including, flat, inclined, dog-legged, s-style, and omega
  • Stainless steel gearboxes and motors available on most belt designs