Efficient plants remove as much foreign matter as possible in the dry state, either in the field or at the receiving area, before introducing the food product to water. The waste is easier to separate and handle, and water consumption is greatly reduced. Commercial Manufacturing builds several types of equipment that can be very useful in cleaning product prior to washing.
  • Air cleaners are high volume devices that separate light trash from the food product
  • Commercial Manufacturing builds positive, negative, and combination positive-and-negative cleaners, with the positive being most energy efficient of all
  • Specialized bean and corn cleaners handle many tons per hour of product, while spinach cleaners handle many cubic feet per hour
  • Rotary reels, with either wire mesh or parallel rods, do a good job of separating product and trash by size
  • Vibratory conveyors with scalping decks also separate product and trash by size, but in a more gentle way than reels
  • Roller “deleafer” conveyors offer an effective means of separating larger fruit from loose leaves in the most gentle manner possible (not suitable for berries)